Friday, November 15, 2013

Karlovy Vary Museum

Today, the Karlovy Vary Museum serves as the modern information and research center for documentation of spa, history and architecture of Karlovy Vary region. Except this, museum manages local branches in Karlovy Vary region: the specialized museum exhibitions in Jáchymov, Nejdek, Žlutice and Horní Blatná. Museum is documenting the balneology and traditional glass and porcelain (china) production in Karlovy Vary, coinage and medal production in Jáchymov as well as tin production and local ethnography. The museum also carries out the archaeology research and serves as the information center for documentation of Karlovy Vary spa and architectonic monuments.
Museum takes care of and preserves:
Collections of applied arts (tin, glass, porcelain, furniture)
Ethnographic collections (furniture, textiles, tools and equipment)
Art handicrafts (works of gun makers from Karlovy Vary and aragonite-cutters)
Collections documenting the development of spa
Collection of regional art (graphic art, paintings, sculptures, early prints)
Archaeological collection
Collections of natural sciences (botany, zoology, geology and mineralogy)

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