Friday, November 15, 2013

Hradisko monastery

Hradisko Monastery іs а premonstratensian monastery іn Olomouc іn the Czech Republic. Іt wаs established іn 1078 аnd іt serves аs аn military hospital since 1802. The Monastery and the St. Stephan Church were found by Ota I Slicny and his wife Eufemie in 1078. At first, in 1150, there were the Benedictines, which were changed by the Premonstratesians. The legend says that from Olomouc castle ran the underground way to Hradisko Monastery. One night wife, Durana, of prince Ota II went there alone. And suddenly monastery novice came up from the darkness and kissed Durana. Durana repined to prince and he started to be angry at all the monks from this monastery and let them all be imprisoned. Thus, resulting in another order - the Premonstratesians- coming in and taking the monks place. During the rule of the Premyslides, Olomouc was a funeral place for them. At the beginning of 13th century there was a hospital for aged and ill people. The monastery buildings have changed (in 1241 they were burnt by the Tatars, 1429, 1432, 1469 they were destroyed, 1642 they were destroyed by Swedish - also the monastic library and part of valuable archive was burnt). During the 17th and 18th centuries it was rebuilt in Baroque style. In 1784, Joseph II abolished the monastery. The building of the monastery has become a convent for the Premonstratesians, then it was a seminary for priests and in 1790 it was taken by the Austrian army to find a hospital. It has been a hospital up to now. A building with a square ground floor plan, four wings, four corner towers, one central tower, Baroque St. Stephan Church and lots of decorations belongs to famous European sights. In 1661, a former convent church was finished. In 1686, construction on a new convent was started. In 1697, the central tower was finished (about 72 m). The rest of the monastery had been built, since 1726. The buildings were designed by G. P. Tencalla and D. Martinelli.

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