Sunday, November 17, 2013

Franz's Spa - Balneology

The actual history of Františkovy Lázně began long before its foundation. In the Middle Ages, girls earning their livelihood as water carriers brought water from Františkův pramen (Franz's Spring) to the nearby town of Cheb where people drank it as table water. Františkovy LázněLater, its curative effects were discovered by physicians and the spring became the most sought-after curative water in Europe. In those times, an illness was perceived as inundation of the human body by poisonous liquids. Contemporary doctors believed that it was necessary to eliminate these liquids from the body by bleeding or by literally washing them away with mineral water containing salt and sulphur, which bind harmful substances. Drinking cures combined with promenades by the spring and purification baths thus laid the foundations for the spa and its golden age. In this spirit, Franz's Spring was used as a cure for almost all diseases, especially for female infertility. Mud baths utilising the local high-quality iron sulphate peat and baths using natural carbon dioxide emanations soon became popular in Františkovy Lázně. Current balneological treatment is based on traditional, scientifically attested treatment methods. Diseases treated in Františkovy Lázně embrace heart and blood circulation diseases, diseases of the locomotive organs, and gynaecological diseases, including infertility. Treatment with the aid of natural resources comprises peat-mud baths, peat-mud wraps, dry carbon baths, gas injections, and carbon baths. As in the past, the ambience of Františkovy Lázně contributes in a way to the overall success of the treatment – all the paths lead through parks, the spa houses are decorated with flowers, visitors are surrounded by peace and tranquillity as if in a different time dimension.

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