Monday, January 13, 2014

The king of all Czech castles - Bezděz Castle

The king of all Czec castles - Bezděz Castle -

Bezděz is often called the “king of all castles” for its original early Gothic appearance, which has never been tampered with, unlike most other castles. For this reason it certainly belongs among the Czech Republic’s more intriguing places of interest. Bezděz is steeped in myths and legends; one of these claims that the local monks hid some treasure here. What is certain is that Kunhuta was imprisoned here with her son, the future king of Bohemia, Wenceslas II. So come along to Bezděz and learn about its history. After viewing the 13th-century chapel you will move on to the Royal and Burgrave’s Palace. From Bezděz’s tower you can see a quarter of the country when the weather is clear. The unforgettable atmosphere of the castle is enhanced by the frequent costumed parades, medieval celebrations and theatre performances that take place here. 

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